The following are samples of the comments we have received (in the past year).

From David Thornsberry

Congrats on a job well done. I did go to California over the weekend and took the 104 course at a sailing club. Initially as a flat land lake guy I was given the, “but what could he know” kind of attitude. However, I not only held my own with the club sailors but actually was quite confident in all areas of knowledge to be able to hang with the bluewater locals. I felt very confident in the training I received from your instructors as well as the theory that you taught. By the end of the first day the locals realized that even in the lake environment sailing is sailing. If you can do a proper tack on flat water, have several strategies for man overboard, and know your way around the rigging you can do it on the ocean. Well done to you and your staff!

From Laurie Button

First of all - you and your staff are to be commended upon the level of excellence your sailing school exhibits. While I still have a vast amount of information from the 101 and 103 classes to conquer, you've given me a great foundation upon which to build. In particular, *** ****** deserves nothing but kudos both in the classroom and on the lake. He's a phenomenal person and instructor!

From Jan Latona

I completed my course in keelboat daysailing and just had to write a note of appreciation.  Your school did an excellent job, and my instructors ***, *** and **** were fantastic. After a few personal sailboating negative experiences I was approaching this course with a fair amount of trepidation and anxiety.  Each of the instructors listened to my goal (of primarily getting more comfortable) and were thoughtful in their teaching, with just the right amount of encouragement.  Kudos to the instructors and the structure of the course.

From Bob and Ann Norman

We really enjoyed the whole experience at VSS and would recommend it to anyone!

From Dave Smith

I wanted to say "thank you" for your work in running the Victoria program.  All of it, the Why Buy program and the classes have been fantastic.

I'm sure that with any endeavor this size there are moments that can be challenging.  However, I had a wonderful season this year.  I don't know how often you hear praise for the program.  So, here you go: Thanks!!!

Some specifics:
- the convenience of the boats: excellent
- the cost effectiveness: excellent
- the accessibility on different lakes: excellent (although I only used Dillon and Chatfield this year)
- the instructors that I (briefly) interacted with (**** and ***): excellent
- the course offering: see below

The classes are (also) excellent.  I was looking around for somewhere to take class 104 (because you don't, or no longer, offer it).  In the process, I saw how other companies package their classes.  Yours are cost effective (usually less expensive than others) and the packaging (number of classes, etc) is right on par with the others.

I've had no reason to need to look elsewhere, except for the one class (104) that isn't available here.  I look forward to taking more classes next season.

Again, thanks for the entire program.

From Paul Corzatt

Hardly a week goes by that I don't recall something you taught me.  It's so nice to live on the water !!

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