We offer three navigation classes:


SAMPLE CLASS: check out how our online classes work,


WHAT: Arrive alive without the use of electronics. GPS is great until it stops working.  Then what???  Learn to navigate.

Even if you have a working GPS, you need a 360 degree awareness of your position relative to your surroundings.  When it is late at night; in foul weather; when there’s no time to go below decks and check the GPS - you need to be up on deck, controlling what is going on with the boat.



  1. Learn to read a chart.   We use the most accurate charts from 5 different countries. To ensure you receive the best instruction available, we use the most recent charts. 
  2. Learn all the old tricks from the days of the square riggers.
  3. Learn to think in a 360 degree circle when you are out on the water. 

These skills ensure that regardless of GPS, electricity or visibility, you will be able to navigate your ship and crew safely. 


WHERE:  Anywhere! All our navigation courses are taught through online seminars for a nine week period. You can learn from across the city, country or world -- all in the comfort of your home.

Each class is recorded and uploaded to your online class room, elearntosail.com. You will have unlimited access to all of the navigation courses without access expiration.


HOW: Through online seminars.  You will be connected to not only the instructor but also to your fellow classmates.  Each seminar is live.  You can raise your hand, interact, and clearly see what chart and instruction is being given. All necessary material and charts are sent to you prior to the first class.

You are also given access to the recorded class.  This comes in handy when doing homework.

If you miss the first class don't worry! You can start whenever as all courses are available on our online school, elearntosail.com.


Both the Coastal and the Celestial course are 9 weeks in length - with the Celestial Endorsement being the first three weeks of the regular Celestial class.  Exam night is the 10th week.



Writing the ASA Exam:  If you live in the Denver area, you can take the exam on the 10th week of the course.  If you live out of town, we can ship the exam to any facility (schools, library's, etc) that invigilates exams.

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